#2 My mantra for effective branding: Consistency, consistency, consistency!

No matter if you’ve created a brand yourself, or have a professionally designed image, one thing that can weaken all your efforts is to use the brand elements, (logo, colour, fonts, strap line) in different ways throughout all aspects of your business - brochures, website, emails and social media. To review your branding lay all of your marketing materials side by side on a desk and give them a score out of 10 for consistency.

Weak                                         Strong

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Is your logo, no matter how simple, placed in the same spot on each different piece of information i.e. top left hand corner?

Do the colours look the same on your website and your printed materials - or are you using a different shade on each, from baby to sky blue?

Have you used the same fonts for headlines and body text on all your brochures?

Just a few simple tweaks on these points will give you 10/10 for consistency. Your branding will look more professional and send out the message that you are organised, with an eye for detail - which of course is key to creating a good initial relationship with prospective customers!

Keep a note of the fonts and colours that you use. All the brands I design are sent out with a simple guideline pdf to help my clients maintain this consistency on everything that sells their business, keeping their new brand strong at all times.

Remember - consistency creates strong professional brands that say you have an eye for detail and care about your business, building an image your clients will recognise and trust. Branding isn’t just about how your brochure looks, it’s also about how your business is perceived!


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